The Arizona Student Opportunity Collaborative (AzSOC) is a grant-funded organization (e.g. HELIOS, ESSER, Thoma Foundation) designed to provide online classes to schools throughout Arizona, especially rural Arizona, where teachers or courses may be unavailable.

Sometimes schools need multiple classes; other times schools have a few students who need specific classes. We are very flexible and will do what we can to adjust to your needs.

All secondary classes (7-12) are free of charge, and dual-enrollment offerings through Yavapai College are at a reduced rate for students. If you only need the curriculum for one of our classes, we can provide that at no charge, as well.

Courses are taught asynchronously by highly qualified AZ instructors with Zoom access available for face-to-face support. We recommend in most cases you provide onsite adult supervision for day-to-day classroom management and support. Please extend to all-star teachers an invitation to participate.

Easy Enrollment

To enroll students, simply provide me a course title (e.g. Algebra I) with students’ names and emails underneath in a spreadsheet. Having parent contact information is also helpful.

2023-2024 Course Offerings

Click the button above to see the list of classes that AzSOC is offering this year and to start the registration process. If you need a class that is not offered below, let us know and we may be able to create one for you. We are expanding our CTE course list. Again, schools keep all their Perkins and Priority funding. We are gap-fillers and want to be of help.