Arizona Student Opportunity Collaborative

Providing every student in Arizona access to every course needed for successful university matriculation and career entry, taught by highly qualified teachers.

AzSOC’s Goals

  • Every Arizona student has access to high-quality curriculum & instruction in the courses needed to graduate.
  • Maximize affordable dual enrollment opportunities and CTE industry certifications for rural students.
  • Ease the paths to the classroom for new teachers, and for serving teachers to attain HLC credentials.
  • Create and deploy course curricula that can be taught by AzSOC, delivered by in-school instructors, or used in modular form.

AzSOC: 3 Delivery Modes

1  Students take course with AzSOC teacher, accessing materials online 24/7 plus joining synchronous lectures & discussions.

2 Local teachers facilitate AZSOC courses in their own classrooms, combining up-to-date curriculum with personalized instruction.

3  Students and teachers use independent modules from AzSOC courses as needed to complete local classes, enhance access and recover credits.

Accessing AzSOC

Use the information below to contact Glen or Brian, or complete the preregistration form

No cost for high school courses – no student fee, no school payment, no sharing of ADM

Tuition for college credit/dual enrollment courses ranges from zero to $110 per class; details to be posted before fall enrollment

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